About Andy and Laurie

Who are Andy and Laurie?

We are two Australians travelling as far and wide as we can by bicycle.  On this journey so far we have cycled through Japan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.  We plan to continue cycling across Europe to Paris and possibly beyond.

We are riding Surly Ogres which are a sturdy 29″ mountain/touring bike.  Andy has front and rear panniers and Laurie pulls a Bob trailer.  This gives us flexibility and capacity to take camping gear when required and or just have two panniers each when not camping.

Being able to camp in Japan was great, and saved us a considerable amount of money.  It allowed us to just ride where ever we chose without having to fit to an intinerary and allowed us to get to many out of the way places.  Accommodation in Japan requires pre-booking a considerable time in advance, which is really not our style.

We left the trailer with friends of a friend in Bangkok and just used the panniers as we did not camp in SE Asia. We are camping when we can again in Turkey which is great.




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