Col de Ornorn, Allemont to Corps

We left the comfort of our Warmshowers host Claude and Claire for what we thought would be an easier day, after 3 days of big climbs.  It started with a long downhill run from Allemont between towering dramatic mountain sides. We then started to climb over the Col de Ornon but it was only 1450mts. The country changed once through the imposing narrow gorge the other side of Ornon. The mountain-sides were barer, without the cover of fir trees.

Just before La Mure we turned left and climbed another big hill before decending to join the main road which took us on another hilly route to Corps. Corps was surrounded by very high impressive bastions of white shaly peaks that looked very mystical with dark clouds swirling about them.

Corps itself was an interesting medieval town famous as a place in which Napoleon stayed when returning from exile. It was a collection of old multi-storey stone render houses separated by narrow laneways.


We camped in the cute little municipal camp ground and took ourselves out for a very nice dinner at the Poste Hotel. We opted for the full menu, which in the end included 7 courses. It was a classic old French style restaurant with a very old flat card music machine that they started now and again. At times there was also a chorus of dogs that were kept at the diners’ feet under their table.




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